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GHOST Will Play Exactly One Show In 2020

Posted by on September 26, 2019 at 12:50 pm

Ghost vocalist Tobias Forge recently revealed he's been getting some new ideas ready for the band's next album. Forge is planning on putting the new record out in early 2021 and spending the majority of 2020 in the studio. In an interview with Herald-Whig, Forge reveals exactly what you'd think being in the studio for the majority of a year would result in – there will be no Ghost tours in 2020.

"Yes. There will be very little touring. To be specific, it's going to be absolutely zero touring in 2020. We have one show in February, and that's going be in a country that to the south of the U.S., and that will be it, that's the only show we're doing, and that's going to be the wrap-up of this tour cycle. The year is going to be spent making a new record, a new record that will come out in 2021, the beginning of 2021, and then we're looking at 18 months of touring again. Next year is going to be, at least from a touring point of view, off. But there's going to be a lot of other things happening, so be sure that you're going to see plenty from Ghost next year."

You do have to wonder what "plenty from Ghost next year" means. Is it going to be another live album? Or maybe a covers EP like Ghost normally does between records?

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