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GHOST BRIGADE Goes On Indefinite Hiatus

Posted by on December 11, 2015 at 10:24 am

After ten years and four great albums, Finland's melodic death metal sextet Ghost Brigade has announced it'll be going on an indefinite hiatus. Not that it's much of a condolence for fans like myself, but at least there's a chance the band could resurface at some point! Hence the "indefinite" clause of the statement. If a return isn't in the proverbial cards, then Ghost Brigade has left behind a solid career.

Here's what the band had to say.

Dear all, this is an announcement.

After ten years as a band, we are putting Ghost Brigade on hiatus for indefinite period of time.

When we formed this band in 2005, we decided already then that we would do this just as long as we enjoy it. If it ever changes from being something you're privileged to do to something you have to do, it's time to take a break. We have reached that point. Motivation issues combined with our hectic lives have simply made it impossible to keep going and give the band the dedication it needs.

We would collectively like to thank you all for your support so far, and your understanding from now on.


Joni, Joni, Veli-Matti, Wille, Tommi, Manne

Well, that still sucks. Let's jam on what could be the band's farewell album, or what could be the last we'll hear from the band in a while, IV: One With the Storm from 2014.

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