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FROZEN SOUL Premiere Sub-Zero, Stab-Happy Video For "Arctic Stranglehold"

Frozen Soul band photo

'Like a cold blast from an Arctic ice cave, each and every song echoes like northern thunder over frost-covered tundra and snow-capped mountains of might!'

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Wait. Stop there. What the hell is this, an Immortal review? Let's get this shit back on track… back to some early 90s-inspired death metal'n brutality!

To be fair, if one were to passingly glance at the cover and title of the debut album from American extreme metallers Frozen Soul, one could be forgiven for assuming it has roots firmly planted in the Nordic permafrost. After all, the album is entitled Crypt Of Ice. In fact, the reality here is that these guys (and gal) are about as far removed from fjords, fisk (tr. fish) and black metal as one can get. Nope. Ain't nuthin so exotic here. Texas' Frozen Soul are all about the badlands, chicken fried steak and cold-school death metal!

FROZEN SOUL Premiere Sub-Zero, Stab-Happy Video For "Arctic Stranglehold"

If you've been paying attention over the last few months, you've certainly come across Frozen Soul in some capacity. The band have been riding a wave of well-deserved hype and accolades since dropping their debut Century Media-released album back on January 8th.

So, what's all they hype about? Well, to these ears, it really boils down to one thing: keeping it real. It's really that simple. Frozen Soul deliver an incredibly authentic, honest homage to the old-school sound of bands like Obituary, Mortician, and Bolt Thrower. That said, there is one secret ingredient that the others don't have… COLD!

Yep. One listen to Crypt Of Ice reveals a cold-as-ice yet somehow still warm-as-hell production that is truly unmatched in the realm of death metal. It sounds soooooooooo bloody good. It's hard to explain. For lack of a better description, I liken a Frozen Soul listening experience to having a 104°F fever in the middle of an Antarctic blizzard. Yeah. Brutal.

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Anyway, back to the reason you are here reading these words today… an exclusive first-look at a brand new Frozen Soul video! Now, for the uninitiated, let me be the first to warn you that a Frozen Soul video-watching experience ain't for the faint of heart. This time around, the band have welcomed back the knife-wielding, stab-happy Mr. Wraith of Death, who first appeared in the music videos for  "Crypt Of Ice" and "Encased In Ice". He doesn't disappoint. Entrails are happily ripped from frozen corpses in a way only Mr. WOD knows how.

Regarding the video, vocalist Chad Green had this to say…

"This song is our favorite off of Crypt Of Ice. Initially, we started out doing just a visual non-performance video for it. In the end, we thought that it deserved a lot more to really show the song. We went back to the drawing board with Tanner McCardle and our good friend Dave Gonzalez with Metal Dave Media and decided to shoot some DIY scenes ourselves to add into what Tanner had. All the performance scenes and death scenes were shot in our jam space. Tanner filmed some additional footage to add to that. After we got all of the new additions finished, Tanner reworked the original visuals that he filmed and edited it together with all the new footage. 'Arctic Stranglehold' came to life, or death! We put a lot of hard work into this video and are stoked for everyone to see it! COLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL FOREVER!"

So, without further adieu… "Arctic Stranglehold" Oh, and support Frozen Soul by heading HERE for your very own Crypt Of Ice merch!

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