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Now TRAPT Is Challenging ICE-T To A Bare Knuckle Fight

Posted by on April 21, 2020 at 5:47 pm

We regret to inform you that Trapt figured out a way to get us to write about them one more time. We really thought we were done with them once they dipped into problematic language yesterday, but I guess starting shit last week with both Ice-T and New York hardcore legend Lord Ezac wasn't enough. Trapt needed to double dip.

A few moments ago, Trapt decided to have yet another meltdown:

You will note this is not a reply to another tweet or anything like that. Trapt just challenged Ice out of the blue. For some reason, Trapt tweeted it a second time, thinking Twitter censored them. Perhaps he thought this because he started his tweet with an @, which Twitter automatically treats as a reply, thus not putting it in his main feed:

Ice-T, doing his best Mariah Carey impression, goes all "I don't know her" on Trapt.

It seems like the joke is over for Ice-T though, who is rightly calling on this Trapt dude to get some help.

It seems as though Trapt is becoming self aware. Perhaps this is the last we give them coverage (although to be fair, I thought this two weeks ago.)

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