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ATILLA Maturely Responds To Song Plagiarism Accusations

I don't know what anyone expected.

I don't know what anyone expected.

German band War From A Harlots Mouth recently accused Atilla of plagiarizing its 2007 song "If You Want to Blame Us for Something Wrong, Please Abuse This Song." The band states that Atilla's new song "Obsession" pretty closely apes it, and had some not-so-nice words to say about Atilla on Facebook.

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Now Atilla is responding in pretty much the exact fashion that you'd expect from Atilla.

Naturally, War From A Harlots Mouth fired back on Facebook with the following, which is exactly what they shouldn't have done. Mainly because Atilla feeds off negative attention.

For dummies:

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The issue is not that this caricature of a band called ATTILA used a machine gun sample somewhere in a song. A million bands have done that before and after us – Into the Moat for example, which we love! The issue is that we took a machine gun sample, chopped it up and puzzled it back together in a specific rhythmic pattern, to play along with the instrumentals – which they ripped off pretty much entirely.

Didn't think I had to explain the obvious, but since we're talking about a lazy ass, single-digit IQ band here, it probably comes with the territory.

So yeah, we'll never get to the bottom of this. Atilla's new album Chaos is out now, and you can grab a copy here if you really want to.

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