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DANZIG Warns "There's Not Gonna Be Many More" MISFITS Reunion Shows

Posted by on June 17, 2019 at 1:41 pm

Glenn Danzig's got a lot on his plate. He finished a movie, which is getting…uhh…mixed reviews, he finished an album of Elvis covers, oh, and there's that whole Misfits reunion thing.

Last week, we learned that the Misfits reunion came about as a result of the ongoing legal issues between Danzig and fellow Misfits founder Jerry Only. The settlement called for ten reunion shows, of which nine have already either been performed or announced. So, they legally only have to do one more and Danzig is totally fine with that.

In an interview with Full Metal Jackie, Danzig makes it clear there aren't many more reunion shows left:

"With the Misfits thing, we just kind of got back together and just decided we'd do it here or there, and just not make it a grind kind of tour," he continued. "We just want to make each event special. We're not gonna do many more. I know we just announced Seattle and Denver, but I'm pretty sure there's not gonna be many more of them."

He continued "So people should see it while they can because I know next year I go out with Danzig again for Europe and may do some dates here in the States. I gotta do a 'Danzig Sings Elvis' thing — select shows maybe around the country. Those will be more special. There's no seating. It's all tables. It's gonna be a very cool kind of old-school vibe. This year I've got some time off in between working on the movie, so we decided to do a couple extra shows. Then, that'll be it I think for a while.”

Misfits have two shows coming up, at Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre in Denver on September 7 and at the White River Amphitheatre in Seattle on September 14.

I'm guessing they'll do one more East Coast show and then call it a day, so go see them before it's too late!

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