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CARNIFEX Frontman Says Deathcore Has Pretty Much Gone Away

Apparently people still get mad about deathcore.

Apparently people still get mad about deathcore.

I feel like hurling around the insult of "oh, that bad is deathcore" has kind of lost its meaning. It was a ridiculous, frankly childish insult to begin with, but what the hell is deathcore now anyway? Genres have melded together in a way where the lines are more blurred than ever, and deathcore just doesn't seem like a relevant genre tag.

In an interview with AP, Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex says he feels like himself, Whitechapel, and Suicide Silence are really the only "deathcore" bands left.

“07-08, MySpace was still a big thing so a lot of bands that came out of the sort of MySpace era really got a bunch of shit. And now that that’s gone away and a lot of those fans went away and it sort of; I mean if you look at deathcore there’s really just us and Suicide Silence and Whitechapel left—although there’s still some haters on ‘Summer Slaughter‘…”

Even with that statement, are they? Carnifex's newest was plenty death metal, Suicide Silence is currently embroiled in its own controversy, and Whitechapel is just doing Whitechapel. Lewis also touches on people making fun of Carnifex on Summer Slaughter for… not being metal or something, which seems insane.

Honestly, I have no idea because I feel like sub-classifying genres is just silly. What do you think? Has deathcore gone away?

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