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Mustaine Mania

Dave Mustaine Declares Himself One of the Best Four Rhythm Guitar Players in the World, Who Are The Other Three?

So humble!

So humble!

Dave Mustaine has been making headlines for some pretty strange statements and revelations lately, huh?

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Mustaine's busy week of quotes started with talking about how everyone in Megadeth (who isn't him) has to submit new song ideas through management and the label. Then, he went off on how he deserves Megadeth's 2017 Grammy and not the band, which unlike the previous topic, seemed to come out of nowhere.

Now he's back again in an interview with Rock Cellar Magazine, talking about his time in Metallica and the similarities between himself and James Hetfield's stage mannerisms. He then goes on to state that he, Hetfield, Malcolm Young of AC/DC, and Rudolph Schenker of Scorpions are the four best rhythm guitar players in the world.

“The weirdest thing about it is when I was in the band, James didn’t do any talking in-between songs,” he recalls. “If you put the two of us together side-by-side, split a TV monitor in half, and had us both hopping around onstage, there’s a lot of similarities. The way he acts and moves with his guitar and stuff like that. I think James is one of the best rhythm guitar players in the world. As far as rhythm guitar players are concerned, there’s James, there’s me, there’s Malcolm Young and there’s Rudolph Schenker.  There’s no one else that touches the four of us. We’re the fantastic four.”

I have no argument that those four are incredibly good players, but saying you're in a completely different league than everyone else seems like a bit much. Maybe Mustaine's about to set himself apart from the world with Megadeth's next album?

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