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This SLEEP Dopesmoker Figurine Looks Crazy Awesome

Posted by on December 9, 2015 at 1:30 pm

Sleep's landmark stoner metal album Dopesmoker came out in 2003 and it took this long for us to get a badass figurine version of the cover's well-known anonymously high travelers? Regardless, the figurines look like they're going to gave been worth the wait! The figurines were designed by cover artist Arik Roper, the band itself and Unbox Industries. They'll run you $85 each too, but they seem like they'll be totally worth the price!

Arik Roper has worked closely with Unbox Industries to ensure that the Weedian perfectly captures the essence of his iconic art. Cast in soft vinyl and meticulously hand painted, the Weedian stands approximately 24 cm tall from his foot to the tip of his vape tank. Each figure is packaged in a beautiful gatefold box taken from the cover art.

Though here's what you're getting for $85.

_MG_0953b _MG_0946b _MG_1197a

Pre-order yourself one right here before they come out in January.

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