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METAL Injection

New England Metalfest Stream of (Almost Un-)Consciousness

New England Metal and Hardcore Festival

New England Weather

10:05 – Who the hell wakes up at 8AM to go to a metal show? Metal Injection, that's who! We made it to Massachusetts, and waking this morning to the shittiest weather ever! We stayed a little further from the fest this first night, and let me say the Super 8 has treated us well. They even have complimentary Continental Breakfast, with a full-on waffle maker that I totally managed to fuck up. Take that Super 8! Anyway, we're headed to the fest now. Check in at our next hotel is around 4, so we might not have any more updates until then.

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4:30 – So we just checked in to our new hotel a block away from the venue. Woohooo…paaaarrrrttttaaayyy!! Luckily the weather has become a little better. The fest is pretty packed. Early favorite who blew us away has to be Skeleton Witch. They completely killed it this afternoon. We saw our buddy Alex E. from DESPISED ICON and he was telling us about how hard it was for them to get there. Their drummer got hit by a car last night, they had trouble at the border AND there was a leak in their trailer….and they still made it to the fest to rock the fuck out of it! They're actually right about to go on. Everybody is still settling in. More updates later!

Photo 16

5:30 – DESPISED ICON absolutely killed it this evening. We just interviewed members of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD as well as the vocalist of BENEATH THE MASSACRE. Very cool dudes. 3 Inches of Blood are from Vancouver. Beneath the Massacre are from Montreal. That's pretty much all I learned from those interviews…..Deep!

7:00 – So, we're basically getting metal room service. We've just been hanging out in our room and every 15 or 20 minutes a band has come by to do an interview. Our latest guest was the ultra-br00tal Nergal from BEHEMOTH. We've had him on the show before and he's always been completely awesome to hang out with. I was just laying in bed ::knock knock:: Oh, it's Nergal…gotta get up. Nergal was awesome, by the way. Some interview highlights included how they're honored to be on Ozzfest, and that there will be absolutely no mid-tempo songs played…the first song will be crushing…the last song will be crushing…and everything in the middle will be crushing. Watch out Middle America! Once the topic of groupies came up, Nergal was quick to mention, that the best ones are in South America and Russia.

8:11 On my way to being wasted

9:00 – The original singer of Bury Your Dead, Mat Bruso, re-joined the band for a number, in a pretty cool moment.

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9:15 – We attend "Woosta Pizza" for all our dining needs. They tell us the place it closed, so we ordered and ate it outside their door. LAME! It was pretty shitty pizza too.


9:45 – BEHEMOTHHHH!!!!!!!!1111!!11!!!!!! Absolutely fucking destroyed it this evening. We managed to get right in front of the barricade area to watch them. The speakers were literally moving me. An excerpt of Nergal's stage ramblings:

We came to this country for three things. Number one…your women. Number two…your alcohol, and number three…TO CONQUER ALL… [cue the song]

And of course the crowd explodes. They played a new song off their forthcoming album, and (no surprise) it was brutal as fuck!! At one point during the set, I ran into Howard Jones of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and he mentioned to me how he constantly gets mention of the interview he did on Metal Injection. We laugh about how he totally caught me off guard, and out-dicked me! Good times.

10:30 – Backstage, I begin discussing the intricacies of pot brownies with Sean, the singer of DAATH. He mentions how he's not an avid pot-smoker, but he enjoys baking, especially pot brownies, and gave us a splendid recipe. We headed back here to the hotel to do this update, and re-liquor up for DIMMU BORGIR.

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Saturday – 3:30 – Sorry, there have been no updates today. It's been really hectic this afternoon. We did manage to shoot a Guitar Hero Elimination Tournament with members of CANNIBAL CORPSE, UNEARTH, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and THE RED CHORD. We got a fully day of Metal Blade-ness happening today.

Rest of the Day: PSYOPUS absolutely pwned the second stage. There were many-a-claws. The band had a new frontman, Harrison from Jefferson Planecrash, who definitely managed to brings it, and is a suitable replacement for their old vocalist, Adam. In addition, THE RED CHORD, JOB FOR A COWBOY and BLACK DAHLIA MURDER all destroyed the main stage. All three bands debuted some new material, and it was just as brutal as their older material. This summer is looking to be an awesome one for new music. After UNEARTH wrapped up their set, it was time for the special Metal Blade jam. Honestly, it was kind of disappointing. It was one of those things where it was more fun for the bands playing than it was for the audience. The special guests were…wait for it…AS I LAY DYING. Wow, right? The jam bands stormed through METALLICA's "Hit The Lights", as well as some classics from SLAYER (pre-Reign in Blood era) and even pulled out a DIAMONDHEAD tune.

Here are some sexy shots from our resident photographer Trevor Campbell (click on a thumbnail to enlarge).. Click here for the entire gallery

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