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NITRO's Michael Angelo Batio Stars In An H&R Block Tax Shredding Commercial

This was super weird, but it's also kind of amazing.

This was super weird, but it's also kind of amazing.

Nitro reunited in 2016 after the run as a band from 1988 to 1993, which brought back to light the fact that guitarist Michael Angelo Batio is an inhuman shredder.

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Oddly enough, H&R Block also recognized this fact and hired him to power the world's only guitar-powered tax shredding machine for an hour. The best part is that I'm not being even remotely hyperbolic aside from the source of power here – watch the below video and tell me I'm kidding.

H&R Block will be hiring Mournful Congregation next year to have the slowest shredding machine humanly possible to prove some point or another. Also, I really hope that happens.

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