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Heavy Metal Real Estate

KITTIE Drummer Moonlights As Real Estate Agent

Let's face it, if you're in a metal band chances are it doesn't pay the bills. Some people choose to work as bartenders, airline pilots, and deli counter assosiates, while others decide, fuck it… I'm going into real estate. Kittie drummer Mercedes Lander falls into the latter category. You can buy your next house from the same girl who drummed on this late '90s rock radio hit

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When she is not blasting those beats, Mercedes works as a sales representive with Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc. in Ontario, asking the tough questions like "Why rent when you can own this great 3 bedroom condo?"

All snarkiness aside, everybody has to make a living somehow, and Mercedes looks like she has a good grip on the real-estate game. Follow her  real estate Facebook page here.

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