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Metal Crimes

MAKE THEM SUFFER Keyboardist Groped On-Stage By A "Fan"

Posted by on May 13, 2019 at 2:15 pm

Here's a rule that seems obvious in 2019, but I guess needs to be said anyway – groping women at metal shows is not okay. Groping women in general, without consent, is not okay but it feels this needs to be said because there was some unspoken rule in the past that if a woman decides to crowdsurf or stage dive, it somehow meant that was an open invitation to touch her inappropriately. No!

Another rule is that if you somehow make it up on stage with the band performing, be it an invite or just because you surfed your way up – do not touch the band while they are playing, and especially do not grope band members. Yet, this common sense rule was broken this weekend when metalcore act Make Them Suffer was performing in Leipzig, Germany.

Keyboardist Booka Nile revealed in a tweet that she was groped while performing on stage. Understandably, she was pissed by the entire situation:

“Tonight I was groped by a patron while I played on stage. I am fucking pissed. I’m a person and this is my job. If you think it’s okay to come to my work and act with such gross disrespect then stay at home because you’re not fucking welcome at our shows”

The band chimed in with a statement of their own:

“Tonight our keyboardist, Booka was groped by an audience member who crowd surfed onto stage. We are a united front who want to say that this behaviour repugnant and unacceptable. Anyone who thinks this is in any way okay is not welcome at our shows.”

The idiot who tried to pull this move was swiftly kicked out of the venue and the band resumed their performance.

Our scene is better than this. Let's take care of each other instead of trying to cope some easy feels that make you look like you belong on a sex offender registry.

[MetalSucks via Lambgoat]

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