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Metal Crimes

FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES Frontman Reveals He Turned Himself In For Drug Charges

Posted by on July 21, 2015 at 1:01 pm

From Autumn To Ashes was on a reunion tour this year when things came to a grinding halt, allegedly due to drug charges incurred by vocalist Francis Mark. Rumors started to fly, the rest of the bands went on to tour without From Autumn To Ashes and nothing much was said about the whole ordeal. Now Mark has opened up to AltPress about the situation, saying that he wasn't arrested for drug charges but turned himself in instead.

“I wanted clarify a few things in the press and express my gratitude to the fans who continue to stick by us in these trying times. I turned myself in and was not arrested. The alleged drug house in question was merely a medicinal marijuana facility. I speak not only for myself but on behalf of From Autumn To Ashes that we will make up the dates as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for the years of support and see you soon.”

Cool that the band is trying to make up for the dates, but I wonder what legal grounds Mark has to stand on here? Or if it's even too late to try to defend himself?

Metal Insider points out that Marks has permission to leave his state on probation, so why the tour was shot down completely might be due to the band being pissed rather than a collective decision.

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