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MORBID ANGEL Re-stock Crewneck Sweaters So You Can Look Like KIM KARDASHIAN

Posted by on July 17, 2017 at 1:04 pm

A few days ago, a friend who speaks to Morbid Angel regularly told me the band were thrilled with the publicity they were getting thanks to Kim Kardashian wearing a vintage Morbid Angel crewneck sweater.

At the time we noted that the design Kardashian was wearing wasn't available at any official Morbid Angel stores, so this was likely a vintage find, which makes sense. Kim has been seen wearing  overpriced studded punk leather jackets and  a vintage Metallica t-shirt that may have set her back $2,000. Morbid Angel aren't dumb though, so today, they restocked their sweaters:

The sweater will set you back $32.99 plus shipping and handling fees and is currently available for pre-order from the Earache store.

For all you fashionistas, it should be noted the design is slightly different than the one Kim was seen wearing, which was likely faded from repeat washes:

I guess for all the Twitter trending of #MetalIsNotAFashionStatement, it seems that Morbid Angel disagrees. And they are happy to capitalize.

[Thanks for the tip, R'obb]

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