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Best of 2013

The Top Metal Injection Stories of the Year


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Internet Explodes When Justin Bieber Reveals Love For Metallica

Justin-Bieber-loves-MetallicaMetalheads hate Justin Bieber, and when we learned of his adoration of the world’s biggest metal band, metal heads were ready to ask for his head. Metallica, however, were honored and sent love back to the Biebz.

Suicide Silence Announce New Vocalist, Eddie Hermida formerly of All Shall Perish

SuicideSilence-EddieHermidaOne year after the loss of their vocalist Mitch Lucker, the band announced they’d be moving forward with new vocalist, Eddie Hermida, formerly of All Shall Perish. Eddie gave us an exclusive interview on the subject and it caused some drama, resulting in All Shall Perish issuing their own statement on Eddie’s departure. In the end, we hope both bands find success.

Nachtmystium Falls Apart

nachtmystiumblakejuddarrestBlake Judd was arrested in October for theft and the band had to cancel their short tour dates, and as soon as Judd was released he announced he was disbanding the group for his own good, and that there would be one final release in 2014.

Orgy Fail Crowdfunding

Orgy-works-at-McDonaldsUnlike the previous success stories of the year, Orgy was a band that was clearly asking for far too much money and not-at-all succeeding.

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Death Metal Drama: Deicide vs. Broken Hope

GlenBenton-JeremyWagner-deathmetaldramaAlthough it’s all settled now, there was a point where these two metal bands did not get along. Broken Hope dropped off their tour with Deicide and proceeded to run down Benton’s name in the media. Benton responded in calm fashion with his side of the story, we all giggled and then everybody moved on.

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