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Best of 2013

The Top Metal Injection Stories of the Year

It's been a crazy year for metal, but rather than the usual break-up drama, this year was filled with arrests, drug busts and some unspeakable acts. It was a year we lost some metal icons, and also gained some great music. Here's a look back at the biggest stories of the year, broken down month by month… 


Rob Caggiano Quits ANTHRAX


The first drama of the year came as Rob Caggiano announced he was quitting Anthrax. Initially, he said he wanted to focus on producing. His first producing gig was the new Volbeat album. Caggiano had so much fun working with the band that he eventually announced he’s joining Volbeat full-time as a guitarist. Eventually, Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Doanis filled the vacant spot in Anthrax.

For Today Guitarist Quits Amidst Controversy

For Today guitarist quits

The year started and ended with For Today controversy. Out of nowhere, guitarist Mike Reynolds posted a Twitter tirade against homosexuality. The controversy was so large that Mike eventually stepped down to become a missionary. For Today defenders say it was a mere coincidence and he would step down anyway. Later in the year, frontman Mattie Montgomery would come under fire for echoing a similar sentiment.

GAZA Disband After Rape Accusations

GAZA-break-upA shocking revelation came when a woman called out Gaza frontman Jon Parkin for raping her. Eventually she took it back, but the controversy was enough for the band to break up. Eventually the band reformed without their controversial frontman under the moniker Cult Leader.

The Coolest Guitars At NAMM

NAMM 2013I went to NAMM and found some really sweet looking guitars. Looking forward to going back next year, where we will have even more massive coverage thanks to our new sister site, Gear Gods.

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