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20 Metal Songs to Make The Gym Suck Less

Congrats! Welcome to 2018. It's a new year and a popular time to reflect on every poor, late-night decision to eat away the drunk munchies. Now, I'm not one for 'new year's resolutions'. These silly promises to 'be better' based on the arbitrary fact that January is here – again – doesn't alone motivate me to pour myself into various forms of spandex. No, I know that I've lived in excess. It's finally time to put down the late night snacks and fight the fat debt I've greatly enjoyed accumulating. It is time to work hard so I can play hard once again. The thing is, ya see – the gym sucks. I hate going to the gym. I don't like the smell of the weight room, the gaggle of bros circling around the squat machine like vultures around a desiccated corpse, or staring at little numbers telling me how long I've endured pain.

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In fact, the only thing that gets me through gym time is an excellent music playlist. Without music, I can feel every 'v' of sweat in every crevice on my clothing actively forming. With a killer playlist, I can push through the monotony of the treadmill and tough through the pain of the last few minutes of cardio or the last few pushes of reps.

That's where this list comes in: 20 metal songs to push you hard and motivate your brain so that gym time is just another hurdle, not a mountain of dread and anguish. Until the weather gets nicer and we can play outside again, let these songs give you the power to suffer through another tough workout. This curated list stays heavy while bringing the positivity. This uptempo mix of new and old and adds more than typical tough-guy metal to your day and puts you in the right state of mind to get this shit done. In no particular order:

20. Amon Amarth "Runes to My Memory"

Chisel out your inner Nordic god. Great to listen to while using the rowing machine.

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19. Arch Enemy "Nemesis"

The intro alone could fire up the least-motivated among us.

18. Hammerfall "Hearts on Fire"

Hopefully your heart is on fire… with passion, not cardiac arrest.

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17. Testament "More Than Meets the Eye"

Don't let anyone underestimate you!

16. Visigoth "The Revenant King"

Workout so hard, you feel your immortal blood in your veins, too.

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15. Clutch "X-Ray Visions"

Great tempo for running.

14.  Dragonforce "Cry Thunder"

Some may call them corny; I call them a steady tempo.

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13. Children of Bodom "Needled 24/7"

Catchy and interesting to listen to.

12. Equilibrium "Blut Im Auge"

What better time for the positivity of power metal to lift you through the next 20 minutes?

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11. KMFDM "World War III"

Declare war on bein' a fatty fat fat. Great for cardio.

10. Nekrogoblikon – "No One Survives"

Remember the music video and laugh through pain.

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9. Mastodon "Sultan's Curse"

Steady and heavy brings you through another set.

8. Trivium "The Sin and the Sentence"

Upbeat and has a great momentum.

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7. Orden Ogan "Things We Believe In"

You can believe in calories in, calories out maybe.

6. Blind Guardian "The Soulforged"

Forging a new you in the fires of free weights!

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5. Nightwish "Amaranth"

Let the power of the key change compel you.

4.  Austrian Death Machine "One More Rep"

Okay, this song is more a novelty but if it works, it works.

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3.  Rob Zombie "Superbeast"

Be a superbeast, duh.

2. Babymetal "Megitsune"

It's silly, and just the thing you need to stay moto.

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1. In Flames "Cloud Connected"

A classic!

Do you have a go-to for your workout? Mention it down below.


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