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15 Times TREVOR STRNAD Crushed It On Guest Vocals

Trevor Strnad forever.

The Black Dahlia Murder-21

The Black Dahlia Murder vocalist Trevor Strnad passed away this week. Tributes have been pouring in non-stop as the world reels from the sudden loss of Strnad, from heartfelt memories of a modern metal legend (and some funny stories) to a petition to be memorialized by the GRAMMYs. Strnad not only leaves behind an impressive discography with the The Black Dahlia Murder, but also a solid body of guest appearances. These are some of his best and most brutal (though really, every single one of them are worth your time).

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Aborted – "Vermicular, Obscene, Obese"

Strnad's guest vocals on Aborted's 2012 album Global Flatline was one of three alongside Misery Index's Jason Netherton and Benighted's Julien Truchan. Coupled with Aborted vocalist Sven de Caluwé, the combination was nothing short of deadly.

Baest – "Gargoyles"

Baest will release their new EP Justitia on May 27. The EP closes out with a cover of Entombed A.D.'s 2013 "Second To None" featuring Strnad doing his best L.G. Petrov impression. A legend covering a legend, both gone too soon.

Benighted – "Forgive Me Father"

Benighted released Necrobreed in 2017 and it's everything you could've wanted from the band at that point. Then came Trevor's vocals on the song "Forgive Me Father" to really make it that much more brutal.

Broken Hope – "Rendered Into Lard"

Broken Hope released their first new album since 1999 Omen Of Disease in 2013. The album features precisely one guest vocal spot, and that was Trevor's gut-destroying growls on "Rendered Into Lard." Overall a very gross time.

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Cannabis Corpse – "With Their Hash He Will Create"

From Wisdom To Baked featured everything from Trevor Strnad to Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes, to Ghoul vocalist Digestor and band mainstay Land Phil of Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan. Hell of a lineup, incredible performance.

Disentomb – "Forced Adornment Of The Funerary Crown"

Australian brutal death metal unit Disentomb didn't need any help making their 2014 album Misery any heavier, but then came Trevor Strnad on "Forced Adornment Of The Funerary Crown" to do exactly that.

Infant Annihilator – "The Kingdom Sitteth Lonely Beneath Thine Hollowed Heavens"

"The Kingdom Sitteth Lonely Beneath Thine Hollowed Heavens" clocks in at a little over seven minutes, all of which are worth it for Strnad's vocals. Strnad joined The Last Ten Seconds Of Life vocalist Storm Strope, Slaughter To Prevail vocalist Alex Terrible, and Black Tongue vocalist Alex Teyen on this record.

Inferi – "Behold The Bearer Of Light"

Strnad helped finish out Inferi's 2019 album Revenant with his iconic vocals on the closer, "Behold The Bearer Of Light." Everything about this is completely killer.

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Nitesoil – "The Abusement Park"

Strand joined vocalists Jessica Pimentel of Alekhine's Gun, Dave Davidson of Revocation, Aaron Heinold of Hivesmasher, Gost, and Doug Moore of Pyrrhon for this Nitesoil record… and just crushed the entirety of "The Abusement Park."

Metal Allegiance – "The Accuser"

At its core, Metal Allegiance is David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), Mark Menghi (BPMD), Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic, Liquid Tension Experiment), and Alex Skolnick (Testament). The band's 2017 album Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty kicked off heavy as hell with a song featuring the one and only Trevor Strnad throughout.

Shadow Of Intent – "Barren And Breathless Macrocosm"

Trevor Strnad and orchestral death metal was something we were never going to get enough of. Fortunately he teamed up with Shadow Of Intent for "Barren And Breathless Macrocosm" off their 2019 record Melancholy for exactly that.

Soreption – "Engineering the Void"

Soreption albums don't happen that often. So what better way to end such a crushing and technical occasion in 2014 than with a guest spot from Trevor Strnad on the title track of Engineering The Void?

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Undeath – "Lesions Of A Different Kind"

Undeath released their well-received debut album Lesions Of A Different Kind in 2020, made all the heavier by Trevor's putrid vocals on the title track. Seriously though, this song sounds exactly like the artwork looks.

VHS – "Horror Of Dracula"

Trevor appeared quite a bit on VHS' material, showing up once on their 2019 album We're Gonna Need Some Bigger Riffs and twice on 2021's I Heard They Suck… Blood. Given The Black Dahlia Murder's lyrics, it feels only appropriate to pick his appearance of "Horror Of Dracula."

Vulvodynia – "Reclaim The Crown Part I: The Burning Kingdom"

Vulvodynia recruited Strnad for their song ""Reclaim The Crown Part I: The Burning Kingdom" off the 2019 record Mob Justice. The song is utterly relentless and features Strnad's varied vocals quite a bit throughout.

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