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10 Spooky Metal Songs For Your Halloween Playlist

6. Bloodbath – Eaten
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The title of this song leaves the content matter thoroughly predictable. Bloodbath is a Swedish death metal band consisting of members from other legendary metal bands such as Opeth and Katatonia. The song is raw (no pun intended) and while at first it may sound like it’s just another abrasive death metal song, it’s remarkably catchy.

7. Lordi – Would you Love a Monsterman

Yeah. I put a Lordi song on this list. Fight me. I don’t even know where to start. Is this power metal? Not really… Just regular Heavy Metal? Maybe… I know we can get elitist and pedantic with our subgenres but at this point I don’t give a shit. I love this song. There’s a spooky skeleton playing drums and that’s enough for me.

8. Ghoul – Ghoul Hunter
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This song is very… different. Rather than the usual vocals it’s narrated. When the chorus comes in it’s almost viewed as a rude interruption. A unique and truly entertaining way of storytelling. How can you not love this?

9. Carach Angren – A Strange Presence Near the Woods

This band brings up a lot of debate among metal pedants. They are theatrical, dramatic and extremely fun to listen to – therefore most metal fans seem to hate them and dub them “false metal” as if nobody else has ever heard of Manowar. I say fuck that, this is a great song.

10. Powerglove – This is Halloween
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I had to close this list out with a familiar farewell. One of the most iconic Halloween songs covered by Powerglove. We’ve all heard Marilyn Manson’s famous cover but this… this is masterful.

With that I bid thee farewell. A huge thank you to the guys at Metal Injection for allowing me to celebrate my favorite holiday by writing for my favorite music website. You can find me on twitter & instagram @Advil and on YouTube at

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