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10 More Commercials Made Better with Awesome Metal Songs

Posted by on February 3, 2019 at 1:41 pm

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Ben Koller/Mutoid Man – Zildjian

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Wayne’s World was a brilliantly absurd comedy, and iconic nod to the rock’n’roll/heavy metal culture of yore. Garth Algar was Wayne’s loyal sidekick and drum enthusiast who fantasizes about bashing skins in the big leagues one day, played by funnyman and actual drummer, Dana Carvey. 25 years later, the folks at Zildjian teamed up with Converge/Mutoid Man drummer [and funnyman] Ben Koller, to recreate some Wayne’s World magic to honor the anniversary of the film and their A custom cymbals. The result is an awesome homage to Guitar Center jammers everywhere.

Van Halen – Nissan

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Zyx eucalyptus lozenges work wonders. According to this genius advert, these miraculous sore throat drops transforms the ferocious rasp of a Scandinavian black metal singer, into the heavenly croon of a power metal wizard. It’s strangely awesome watching the band film their music video in full black metal regalia, then warming themselves by the fire off camera. The fact that extreme music for extreme people is so matter of fact in Nordic countries always blows this confused American lad’s mind.

Exmortus – Virgin Mobile Galaxy s5

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Metal heads are people. If you prick us, will we not bleed? If you snap us, will we not use the dog/hoe filter? We use smart phones too dammit. How the Southern California shred lords in Exmortus joined up with the folks at Virgin Mobile is beyond me, but damn if they didn’t knock this Galaxy s5 commercial out of the park. The black metal meets Black Sabbath tune isn’t what the world renowned thrashers are known for, but that guttural “Unlimited DATAAA” line is a stroke of genius so enjoy!

Metallica – ESPN

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Metallica have dominated the music business since their discovery of sonic gold on The Black Album. They’ve done their fair share of promos and commercials over the years but there’s something about this ESPN ad that sets it apart. Maybe because we’ve seen the band’s inner workings in A Year and a Half in The Life and Some Kind of Monster before, the faux documentary style of this Sportscenter spot seems like it could be a real thing somehow? Also, Kirk’s sad attempt at recruiting guitar students in the ESPN break room is perfect.

Bonus Metallica Promo Clip
Metallica – Marvel's The Punisher Season One Trailer
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Netflix got Marvel nerds excited when they announced a Daredevil spinoff series for everyone's favorite murderous vigilante, The Punisher. When they dropped this trailer perfectly inter-cut with Metallica's "One" the internet lost it's goddamn mind. This really is one of the best trailers ever. The song's horrors of war theme fits Frank Castle's PTSD nightmare life pretty well, and Metallica's machine gun riffs and double bass assault matches The Punisher's actual machine gun carnage to a tee.

What are some of your favorite metal commercials? What bands/brand advertisements do you love to be seduced by?!

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