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10 Metal Bands Covering Pop Songs

Graveworm – “Losing My Religion” (R.E.M.)

I never thought the words R.E.M. and symphonic black metal would ever be mentioned in the same sentence, but here we are. Graveworm’s tremolo picked, double bass infused black metal approach to this alternative rock classic is clever, but it’s that damn keyboard mimicking the original song’s ukulele that sells this. Graveworm manages to retain R.E.M.’s melancholy tone, while boosting the BPM and headbanging quotient considerably.
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Taake – “Cold” (The Cure)

Robert Smith knows the pain and anguish associated with a heart turned cold. It’s fitting that Taake put their grim and frostbitten stamp on this already lumbering feel bad anthem from The Cure. And by Taake, we of course mean Hoest, the one man studio band/wizard who hammers out every note and tortured, moaning vocal with enough sorrowful conviction, even Robert Smith might ask, ‘what’s wrong dude?” Brilliant cover.

Mouth of the Architect – “In Your Eyes” (Peter Gabriel)

It would take a sonic miracle to separate Peter Gabriel’s 80’s pop hit from being synonymous with John Cusack’s boom box shenanigans in Say Anything, luckily that’s what Mouth of the Architect have delivered, a true miracle of a cover song. They’ve completely flipped the script on this track’s tone and feelz. Gabriel’s upbeat serenade becomes a somber funeral march and it’s simply stunning.

Raunchy – “Somebody’s Watching Me” (Rockwell)

Ok, so nobody is going to sing a catchier hook than Michael Jackson, so that’s a losing battle right off the bat. It’s the band’s double bass heavy, creepy synth-centric version of Rockwell’s verse section that makes Raunchy’s cover so interesting. In fact, their spooky little Mike Patton-esque “la la la la’s” in the last minute of the track are worth the price of admission [or time streaming] alone. Almost as creepy having Michael Jackson singing on a song about voyeurism.

Exodus – “Low Rider” (War)

Take a little trip with the thrash masters in Exodus as they pay homage to War’s 1975 cruising anthem, “Low Rider.” The sped up guitar chug makes this tune mosh/waltz friendly, but retains the oddly festive vibe of the original. It helps that Zetro’s high pitched shriek is so far removed from the laid back boom of War’s version, it’s sort of hilarious. Exodus definitely put their stamp on this timeless, George Lopez approved anthem.
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Did we miss any of your favorite metal on pop cover songs? What would you like to see on part II? Do you hate pop music and sleep in full on corpse paint? Let us know in the comments down below!

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