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10 Awesome Two Piece Metal Bands You Should Know!


inquisitionConsidering black metal is a genre that revels in isolation, it’s not that surprising to see a one or two piece BM album. However, Inquisition is one of the few that provides no additional players on stage with them. It’s just raw and grim duo darkness all the way. And yes, Dagon’s vocals are really that frightening live.


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bolzerThis bizarre swiss duo is definitely worth checking out. Bolzer is both melodic and strange at times, but built in a way to grow fondness through their short EP, only to leave you wanting more songs with each listen.



GeryonWhen the only two members of your band makes up the whole rhythm section in Krallice, you know it’ll be good! Needless to say, if you like the meticulous insanity behind Krallice’s work, you’ll love how dense Geryon can sound with just bass and drums. Their debut EP is truly inspirational, and a must-hear for fans of avant-garde metal.



KunzKunz is a Swiss based duo that was once the rhythm section behind The Ocean, although you’d never know it based on the sound alone. If you’re into raw and energetic noise rock it’s worth checking out!

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