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10 Awesome Times Metal Songs Were Used In Commercials

Motley Crue – Coldwell Banker
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Here you’ll find the Crue’s biggest power ballad, coopted for the slickest but strangely endearing real estate commercial. The slow motion shots of the dog looking out the car window and the boy diving into the swimming pool sync perfectly with Tommy Lee’s piano and makes this commercial more poignant than should be allowed. This montage of people experiencing jovial moments in their private residences while Vince Neil screeches the lyrics to “Home Sweet Home” is so simple but effective it boggles the mind. The closing hashtag ‘#homerocks’ seals it. Take a walk on the wild side, and get yourself a mortgage.

Judas Priest – TV Land

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE…to see such an awesome metal tinged television commercial; until now! The TV Land network spliced together a cool montage of different characters from the channel’s roster of classic/old school shows engaged in various degrees of, crime…I guess. Either way, the end result is a silly 30 second TV spot with characters from Little House On The Prairie, The Andy Griffith Show, Three’s Company and more; finding themselves on the wrong side of the law, as Judas Priest’s timeless anthem “Breaking The Law” cranks in the background. It’s a short clip, but really makes me want to watch TV Land for some reason.

Motorhead – KIA
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There’s nothing quite as entertaining as watching a CGI baby hamster, Jason Bourne his way out of a hospital and into a slick riding automobile [of what I assume are its parents?], while Motorhead’s indomitable, “Ace of Spades” blares in the background. It’s not just any car however, it’s the 2017 Kia Soul Turbo mind you. Although silly, the production value on this commercial is stellar and it was marvelous hearing ol’ Lemmy’s voice booming on TV, movie screens, on YouTube and wherever else they played this ad when it premiered. Lemmy might have passed on, but Motorhead’s fearless no fucks given spirit is alive and well, thanks to Turbo the baby hamster.

Pantera – Carl’s Jr./Hardees

“I’M HUNGRY! INHERIT MY FRIIEEEEES.” Sorry, it had to be done. Pantera’s
“I’m Broken” thrown into a juicy ass burger advertisment is the most American thing imaginable next to Godsmack’s Navy commercial. It helps that “I’m Broken” is one of Pantera’s most iconic bangers, with a riff so mighty it’ll stop traffic and turn/snap heads at any time. That’s the kind of song you want playing when you’re trying to bring attention to your new burger variant. Also, that bit with the food and plates launching into the air makes sense, mimicking Phil Anselmo’s jumps in the song’s official video. Did this make you want to eat Carl’s Jr or just listen to Far Beyond Driven again? Plot twist…why not do both?

KFC Black Metal Appropriation
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No official metal bands were harmed during the filming of this commercial, where a fictional black metal group rocks the house before enjoying some hellfire roasted Kentucky Fried Chicken. The song is more death metal than black, but the corpse paint and stage theatrics are a dead giveaway that black metal is what they’re going for here. Not sure if KFC ever cornered the troo kvlt carnivore market, but kudos to them for churning out such a fun commercial. Spicy chicken ist krieg.

What are some of your favorite metal commercials? What bands/brands do you think should pop up in part 2 [oh there's a sequel coming, we couldn't cram everything we found in the YouTube rabbit hole on one list]?!

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