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GWAR Offend Australian Government Supporters By Decapitating Prime Minister Onstage

Posted by on February 26, 2014 at 4:22 pm

Have members of the Australian government never been to a GWAR show? I guess not! The band played Soundwave festival over the weekend and caused quite the controversy when they "be-headed" an effigy of Australian prime minister Tony Abbott and Queen Elizabeth. Here's some video:

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GWAR have been decapitating government officials since the Reagan era. You'd think people would catch on by now.  But the non-profit Australians for Constitutional Monarchy have posted a message on their website titled "Gross Abuse of Hospitality by Visiting Rock Band"

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy is appalled by reports of visiting American rock band Gwar decapitating and mutilating effigies of our Prime Minister and Queen.

“This act – an extraordinary breach of good behaviour and standards – is particularly offensive coming from visitors, who have been extended Australian hospitality”, said Executive Director, Jai Martinkovits.

“Imagine the public outcry, both from Democrats and Republicans, were an Australian band to behave similarly towards the President and First Lady of the United States”, he continued.

“Gwar, as public figures, are no doubt role models to many impressionable young people. This kind of irresponsible and hateful behaviour has the potential to incite violence both in Australia and abroad.”

Um, clearly these people haven't done their research, because GWAR have been killing Obama on stage for years. You can see it in our GWARBQ report.

Anyway, this is the best type of publicity GWAR could ever hope for. Oderus even chimed in with a comment:

“We were just playing our show in Brisbane and this guy with giant ears wanders out onstage and tells us to go back to Antarctica, so naturally I removed his head from his shoulders. But what was really surprising was that it grew back and I had to chop it off again at Sydney Soundwave. So we are waiting to see what happens tonight.

Will it grow back again? Will it come back as a Koala bear? And what about the poor Queen? We chopped her tits off and stomped the royal baby to death, and all people seem to care about is this Abbott guy. I tell you this, if you could harvest the power of the wind with this dude’s ears, then you could create a machine that would move time and space and enable all the asylum seekers to enjoy Caesar salad every night. And also not have dogs set on them.”

Congratulations to them for pissing everybody in Australia off!

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