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GUNS N ROSES' Download Festival Rider Demanded A Porcelain Toilet Be Installed In Their Backstage Area

Posted by on June 13, 2018 at 5:05 pm

Photo by Katarina Benzova

Download Festival happened this weekend and Guns N Roses headlined one of the nights, playing an intense three hour set. But before they got to the stage, the had to make sure they were comfortable.

British tabloid The Mirror had this groundbreaking scoop about the weekend:

I’m told Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and the rest of the band flew in for their THREE HOUR headlining slot by helicopter, before being whisked off to a compound the size of a football pitch.

Inside they had home comforts from America flown over, including their favourite Hershey bars and extra cheesy pizzas. Anyone who’s ever been to a festival is familiar with the horror of the portaloo, so it’s understandable the band demanded special porcelain bogs to ease their… comfort.

I’m told super silky toilet paper was also requested for the lads. Well, all those dodgy festival burgers can take their toll…

So their backstage area was the size of a football field, and instead of port-o-potties, they had actual toilets with plumbing installed. That's what happens when you bring in absurd amounts of cash anywhere you play.

In related news, GNR released this mini-doc about their European tour:

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