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WOE OF TYRANTS Is Working On Its First New Album In Six Years

Posted by on July 8, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Ohio-based progressive death metal titans Woe of Tyrants is back! The band put out three fantastic records between 2007 and 2010 before going on hold, which sucks considering all three of those records are ridiculous and the world needed much more before the band's hiatus.  Think of the band's music as a more eclectic, focused technical death metal that treaded the waters of bands like Between The Buried And Me before that was really a thing.

Here's what Woe of Tyrants had to say about the reunion of sorts, which will definitely consist of a new album at the very least.

We hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday wherever you might be, and that you escaped with little to no contact with the drunk tank! I spent my holidays huddled by my computer writing music. Woe of Tyrants is back!

I have to be a little bit more specific to everyone who has come across our page and shown excitement towards our revival of sorts, because being back doesn't mean that every member is practicing and we are going to be set to play a show next week. (even though that sounds grand) Those who know us, know how often we played out and how much time we put into it. We have kids now, even Matt and he was still a baby when he joined Woe of Tyrants! Responsibilities always come first and that means we can't put Woe first anymore. If you saw how cute our kids were, you would understand <3

"Woe is back" when we say it, means that we are writing music again. Our utmost priority is to have brand new material, and that is what we are working hard on right now. Not every member is a part of the initial layout of the material, so not every member is a part of what is going on right now. In order to bring everything and everyone together, we have alot of work to do beforehand. Our weird drummers spazoid-level of excitement over writing the new material caused the lid on the jar to shoot through the ceiling, so know that you all know, we'd like to be honest and let you know what is REALLY going on instead of being left to assume.

We are overwhelmed with the show of support, as we always have been! We are back indeed, but patience is required this time around :) Think of it this way, we were more geared towards live performance our first run. This go, we are focusing on the material first, and letting the rest fall into place when the time comes. Much Love – WoT

To the best of my knowledge, the band is still signed to Metal Blade Records. If you're not familiar with the group, the album that got me into them was Kingdom of Might (Woe of Tyrant's second record). You can check out the first two tracks off the album below, though definitely dive into the full thing when you get the chance!

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