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VOIVOD To Release Splits With NAPALM DEATH, AT THE GATES This Year And An Album In 2016

Posted by on February 20, 2015 at 10:36 am

Voivod dropped Target Earth in 2013 to a pretty solid fanfare and has been relatively quiet ever since, or at least up until last month when the group quietly announced a split with At the Gates and gave us a brand new song! So is this a sign of things to come for the group? According to drummer Away in an interview (below), the band plans to release a few more splits this year and then a proper studio record in early 2016.

"We wanna release a bunch of seven-inch [singles] first. We have many split seven-inch [singles] coming up this year — the first one with At the Gates in April, and the new want to do another one with Napalm [Death], and another one with Corrections House, and so on. But eventually we'll write a whole bunch of songs and compile everything into an album, I would say, early next year. Right now we're sort of touring on the new single that came out the first day of the [current] tour in Miami, 'We Are Connected'. But this is coming out in April as a seven-inch with At the Gates."

A split with Napalm Death makes a lot of sense considering the two are tour mates and in the same general vein of metal, but Corrections House? The off-kilter noise project? That'll be interesting to see what Voivod contributes! Either way, Away promises the new stuff will be progressive as progressive can be.

"Absolutely. It's shameless prog rock, but it's Voivod, and the thrash metal [influences are] there. It's what we do naturally. We are working on two new songs in the back of the bus on the computer, and it's definitely the same direction as 'We Are Connected'."

The At the Gates split will be out on Record Store Day, Apr. 18. No word on when the other two will be out.

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