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The Creators Of Metal Evolution Need Your Help To Create An "Extreme Metal" Episode

Posted by on September 17, 2012 at 11:53 am

We've raved about the Vh1 Classic series "Metal Evolution" in these here pages quite a bit. You can catch up on the entire series right here (or you can buy the DVDs). The series focuses on a specific sub-genre every episode to give you the definitive backstory to said genre. Even though I knew about most of the history, I still very much enjoyed the presentation. I am a sucker for a great documentary about metal, and Banger Films know how to produce.

One topic that was ostensibly missing was any focus on "extreme metal." Turns out the backers (see: Vh1) were not interested in having such an episode made. But the Banger Films dudes have a story to tell and they want to create one more episode, a lost episode, and they need some help financing the project. They have released this video pleading their case:

You can go to indiegogo.com to contribute to the making of the film. Five bucks gets you an advanced screening of the finished product, and there are far higher placements, including spending enough to a mention in the end-credits.

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