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Tech-Death Tuesday: Enjoy New Underground Gems From CANCEROUS WOMB And INTONATE

Posted by on August 9, 2016 at 3:15 pm

Hey there tech-fiends, it's that time once again for more righteous shred jams from new groups and new releases. It seems a lot of you really dug last week's early Equipoise stream, and the stream train will continue in the weeks to come with lots of cool early streams I have lined up. But, this week will be a non-stream week, but the contents of it will be lesser known picks that I'm sure many of you don't know. Before we delve into today's music, here's the weekly reminder that if you dig what you hear below, you can peruse all prior editions of this series here for more sick music.

Cancerous Womb – It Came To This

Cancerous Womb Art

Scottish based Tech-death group Cancerous Womb are an odd bunch, but the good kind for sure. They don't play things straightforward, there's a lot of grind, black metal and even some thrash elements woven into their take on tech-death on their newly released EP, It Came To This.

As soon as you think you have any song pegged, it switches into something completely different, possibly just to fuck with you. Ultimately this four song effort shows a band well worth praising, and hails to the sky for them should definitely be done! You can buy It Came To This through their Bandcamp here. Be sure to follow them over on their Facebook Page as well.


Intonate – The Swerve
Intonate art

I have to give credit to my buddy Dave Tremblay at CanThisEvenBeCalled music for turning me onto these guys a bit ago when he reviewed them. Intonate are a Montreal, Canada based band with a pretty interesting mix of ideas going on in their sound. On The Swerve, they seem to have a strong Gorguts and Ulcerate influence to their style and songwriting, but pair that with some almost old-school progressive death metal segments in the vein of Cynic and Death, and to me at times, also kind of like Augury!

However you cut it, The Swerve is an interesting take on tech-death that isn't a speed demon record, but also knows when to blast beyond massive dissonant grooves and weirdo death metal riffing gone dissonant black metal influenced by the almighty Deathspell Omega and others. I really dig what these guys are doing here and I bet a lot of you will too. You can buy it over at over at the Intonate Bandcamp Page if you're digging it. Be sure to follow them over on their Facebook Page as well.


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