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STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Deluxe Box Set Coming To Vinyl!

Posted by on March 22, 2013 at 10:19 am

Holy hell! Are you wallets ready for the impending greatness of these re-releases? Strapping Young Lad demands your money!

Anyone who doesn't know and love Strapping Young Lad should be drawn and quartered- it's as simple as that. Sure, I'm not the biggest Devin Townsend fan on the face of the planet, but even I know that Strapping Young Lad is a monumental band with monumental releases in the world of metal (mainly because I own all of them).

The vinyl box set seems to be a sick way to pay tribute to the legendary group, with potential new artworks, including art on the box itself, maybe some bonus tracks, and what I assume to be amazing packaging due to the fact that the press release points out "potential packaging." My only hope here is that they won't be too pretty, because I'll feel bad playing them until they wear out.

All we know is that the box set will go on sale on April 17th via Blood Music, we'll keep you posted when we get more info.

Don't even think that because this is happening, Devin is going to reunite Strapping Young Lad. He closed the book on that many times, including that one time he interviewed himself.

For now, watch this old school interview with Devin sulking during his final Ozzfest with Strapping Young Lad

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