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SLIPKNOT Frontman Says New Material Is "Really Dark," Will Be A Mix of Iowa & Vol. 3

Posted by on October 21, 2013 at 1:15 pm

Slipknot have plans to hit the studio early next year to work on new music and now vocalist Corey Taylor is saying the new demos are "really dark" and "a cross between [the band's past records] Iowa and Vol. 3." taylor might as well have come out and said that the new record is going to be amazing, if that's actually the case with the new stuff.

Slipknot have said they wanted to come out with a record in 2014 if they could make it work out that way, and apparently they're making it work out exactly that way. According to Taylor in an interview with Artist Direct, by way of Blabbermouth:

"That album is a bit of a peek at what I think the next album will be [in reference to Vol. 3]. It'll be a cross betweenIowa and Vol. 3 in a lot of ways, while also evolving the way we always have. The stuff I'm writing right now is really dark. The stuff Clown is coming with is fucking beyond. It's really cool. It's going to be cool to get the alchemists in the same room and see what happens."

Taylor also said "next year we're going to get together and start putting the pieces together," so I suppose it's just wait and see at this point… or wait and bleed. Am I right or am I right? Hey-o!

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