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Was Ryan Gosling At The AMERICAN NIGHTMARE Reunion Show This Weekend?

Posted by on January 3, 2012 at 1:15 pm

Is the above image real? The internet is abuzz with rumors that A-list actor, Ryan Gosling was seen at the American Nightmare reunion show in Boston this past weekend. Gosling has already proved to have good taste in music being spotted a few months back at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Texas, but could he have been at this show as well?

One of the dudes from punk back A Loss For Words claims that not only was Gosling there but the dude got to spend a few minutes chatting with the Drive star. He also added that Gosling is "backed" which is as real as real gets. Either way, it's a fun little rumor and some nice extra pub for American Nightmare (who now go by Give Up The Ghost). If you're interested in some live footage from the reunion, ThePRP has a nice roundup.

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