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SLIPKNOT's Jim Root Calls "Out of His Mind" Tortilla Man "A World-Class Pianist"

Posted by on August 20, 2019 at 1:18 pm

Slipknot have the number one album in the country with We Are Not Your Kind, but a big mystery still remains – who the hell is the new guy? Affectionately dubbed Tortilla Man, we still haven't as much as figured out who he is, although that hasn't stopped plenty of people from guessing.

Guitarist Jim Root spoke to The Art And Span Show earlier this week and offered some interesting clues. For one, he says Mr. Tortilla Man is a world-class pianist and that he is out of his mind. Here's the full quote:

“I think we’re just gonna let it ride. Eventually people will find out who he is; it’s just inevitable in this day and age.

“He’s a character, man. I didn’t really know him very well before he started playing with us. But he’s a hell of a musician, man. The guy is a world-class pianist; he’s a great percussionist; he is schooled in music. He’s not just a garage musician who came up and learned on his own. He obviously had natural ability, but he took it to another level and actually got a degree in music. So the guy is next level.

“Plus he’s just out of his mind. I didn’t think it was possible for anybody to match us. And I’ll be standing there playing and all of a sudden I’ll hear this thump next to me, and he’ll have jumped down from his drum set. He’s, like, next to me. And I’m, like, ‘You’re insane, dude. Your knees are gonna fucking just be done.'”

There were some rumors that the new member was either Corey's or Clown's son (both have experience performing Slipknot songs) but this seems to throw that theory out the window.

Who do you think it is?

[via Blabbermouth]

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