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The ADEMA Reunion Nobody Was Waiting For Is Happening

Posted by on May 9, 2017 at 1:20 pm

Do you remember Adema? We wouldn't fault you if you didn't. The third-wave nu-metal band came onto the scene right as the mainstream music scene was transitioning from the low-end sound to a more garage rock vibe. But if you need a quick refresher, here was their big hit, "Giving In."

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The band's main claim-to-fame was that frontman Marky Chavez is the half brother of Korn's Jonathan Davis, something Chavez has been trying to shake since 2001, telling MTV "He's totally supportive of Adema," Chavez said. "And that's about it, that's the whole story. He didn't call all these labels and tell them about his little brother's band. We just made a good demo and it caught on." The band eventually were dropped by their major, ended up on Earache and Chavez left the band.

I guess they were still active, because it looks like they tried to stage a reunion back in 2009, but Chavez left the band shortly after for solo work in early 2011. Regardless, today they announced a full-on reunion is back on:

We are happy to announce that the original "classic" ADEMA lineup of Kris Kohls, Mike Ransom, Dave DeRoo, Tim Fluckey, and YES – MARKY CHAVEZ is in fact, REUNITED!!! (And it feels so good!) you can catch us live at the World-Famous Whiskey a go-go Wednesday May 24th!!! Writing and recording a new record soon! The Magic is back!

Are you excited? Do you even remember Adema?

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