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OZZY OSBOURNE Proven To Be A Genetic Mutant

Posted by on August 14, 2019 at 10:49 am

Photo by Ross Halfin

The stories of Ozzy Osbourne consuming drugs and alcohol to absolutely insane extents is mind-blowing, but takes a back seat to the insane fact that it's never killed him. "How the hell is he still alive?" you ask yourself, only to be answered by Bill Sullivan in his new book Pleased to Meet Me: Genes, Germs and the Curious Forces that Make Us Who We Are.

Sullivan says "Ozzy is indeed a genetic mutant," which may be the answer as to why his drug and alcohol dependencies have never severely harmed him over the years. Internally, anyway. Genes don't mean much when you get drunk off your ass and fall down a flight of stairs or something. That's on you.

Here's a little more about the book, which you can pick up here or on Amazon below.

Why are you attracted to a certain “type?” Why are you a morning person? Why do you vote the way you do? From a witty new voice in popular science comes a clever, life-changing look at what makes you you.

“I can’t believe I just said that.” “What possessed me to do that?” “What’s wrong with me?” We’re constantly seeking answers to these fundamental human questions, and now, science has the answers. The foods we enjoy, the people we love, the emotions we feel, and the beliefs we hold can all be traced back to our DNA, germs, and environment. This witty, colloquial book is popular science at its best, describing in everyday language how genetics, epigenetics, microbiology, and psychology work together to influence our personality and actions. Mixing cutting-edge research and relatable humor, Pleased to Meet Me is filled with fascinating insights that shine a light on who we really are–and how we might become our best selves.

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