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World Premiere of NOCICEPTOR's new track, Mollusk (FREE Download)

Posted by on May 10, 2011 at 2:03 pm

Kick off your Tuesday lunch with a song premiere of Pivotal Rockordings new signee Nociceptor. The track below, Mollusk comes from the Among Insects EP to be released at the end of the month. The band features Threat Signal guitarist Travis Montgomery (who also produced the EP), but I think it's clear that Montgomery has a completely different approach in mind when it comes to his new band:

"I joined Nociceptor a while after the band was started, but everything really came together with this EP and we all work together very well. We're trying to step it up a lot on this new stuff by adding elements like choirs, and orchestral parts to make things more dynamic. We're going to keep it in the djent (I hate that word….haha) vein, but try to make it more interesting and try to bring something new to the genre"

We asked vocalist JD Schmidt to describe the track for us, who chimed in with the following.

"To me, Mollusk is about Humankind's origin, vanity, insatiable appetite, and the irony that our most probable form of destruction will be the very event that enabled our existence in the first place. Also, homage is paid to Our Species' amazing ability to make ourselves stronger through conflict, especially that which is self-imposed. And finally, there is a calling for a greater appreciation for the moments we are given, to greet each second as a new opportunity…a new beginning."

So what do you guys think? Leave your comments below letting us know if you Thrash it or Trash it!

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