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New Zealand Venues Cancel PHIL ANSELMO Performances Over 2016 Nazi Salute & "White Power" Remarks From Dimebash

Posted by on March 18, 2019 at 2:07 pm

Phil Anselmo's behavior at the January 2016 Dimebash has come back to haunt him again, as multiple venues in New Zealand have canceled his scheduled solo shows, in the aftermath of the horrific terrorist attack by a white supremacist in Christchurch, NZ mosques which left 50 innocent people dead.

Anselmo was scheduled to bring his Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals band to Christchurch on March 26th and Auckland on the 27th and both shows have been canceled.

Stuff.co.nz reports the Christchurch show was originally scheduled to go on at the venue Empire and then changed to Club Tavern. That club publicly announced they would not be letting the show move ahead with the following statement:

"The Philip Anselmo gig has been cancel (sic). We do not and will not support white supremacy or racism!"

The Auckland venue, Galatos, announced their gig was canceled shortly after as well:

"Galatos will NOT be hosting this show in our venue on the above date. Just today, information has come to hand which has made us uncomfortable about proceeding with this show. Ticket holders pls look to the Promotors web site for further information."

If you need a refresher on what exactly is making these venues uncomfortable, in January 2016, during a Dimebag memorial show, Anselmo, while drunk, shouted "white power" at the top of his lungs while giving the nazi salute.

Initially, Anselmo said he was joking and refused to apologize, but after a torrent of backlash, Anselmo apologized twice, and continued to say it was only a joke, later blaming members of the audience for goading him.

The promoter of the tour, Ben Mulchin of Valhalla Touring, released a statement saying he does not think Anselmo is racist and plans to look for another venue for these shows. He will also be donating a portion of the proceeds from this tour to the families involved in this tragedy. Here is his statement:

"When his band offered to tour here, I did have to soul search," Mulchin admitted. "Did his apologies seem earnest? Did he fully comprehend his hateful display? Did he — as a prominent figure in metal — take responsibility on how his actions can embolden and encourage others to hate? I think this last thought is pretty important in the current situation.

"We would never book anyone with 'white power' or 'white power politics', or any other silly political agendas," he added. "No way. We need to make that very very clear — as music is our livelihood.

"Phil Anselmo had an indiscretion a few years back while under the influence of substances that is widely documented; by making a very hurtful remark and idiotic gesture.

"I honestly don't think Phil is racist but regardless he has committed a pretty terrible act in 2016."

"On a personal note, I am not looking forward to travelling to Christchurch nor hosting a loud intense concert but I do believe in music as a healing power," he said.

"We discussed on Saturday donating all profits, and $5 per ticket to the families involved with the tragedies."

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