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LAMB OF GOD, MEGADETH, SLAYER are among Grammy nominees

Posted on December 3, 2009

Tom-Araya-Grammy-2The Grammy awards are probably best summed up by MINISTRY's AL JOURGENSEN, who once said, "Getting nominated for a Grammy is like getting the big, fat, wet kiss from your wrinkly old Aunt at Thanksgiving or Christmas." On that note, Ministry are getting a sloppy wet one this year, along with JUDAS PRIEST, MEGADETH, SLAYER and LAMB OF GOD in the Grammy category that'll never live down the award it gave to JETHRO TULL. Once again, "Best Metal Performance" is all established, big-name bands (including a 30-year-old Priest song), and "Best Hard Rock Performance" is an absolute embarrassment (NICKELBACK? LINKIN PARK? "Unforgiven III?"). Aren't you glad you never watch this? Full "Hard Rock" and "Metal" nominees are after the jump.

Best Hard Rock Performance:

AC/DC – "War Machine" (from Black Ice)
ALICE IN CHAINS – "Check My Brain" (from Black Gives Way to Blue)
LINKIN PARK – "What I've Done" (from Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keyes)
METALLICA – "The Unforgiven III" (from Death Magnetic)
NICKELBACK – "Burn it to the Ground" (from Dark Horse)

Best Metal Performance:

JUDAS PRIEST – "Dissident Aggressor" (from A Touch of Evil Live)
LAMB OF GOD – "Set to Fail" (from Wrath)
MEGADETH – "Head Crusher" (from Endgame)
MINISTRY – "Senor Peligro" (from Adios…)
SLAYER – "Hate Worldwide" (from World Painted Blood)

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