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KING DIAMOND Wants To Skype With You (Seriously!)

Posted by on November 1, 2013 at 12:23 pm

Imagine my surprise logging onto Facebook last night and seeing a message from King Diamond in my news feed inviting me to add the King on Skype. 

The message reads:

King Diamond Fans – are you on Skype? If you are, be sure to send King Diamond a contact request: kingdiamond-kimbpetersen

Of course I'm adding him. Sadly, I missed the him because he was not online by the time I added him. But Reddit user t_deg did manage to speak to him and posted this summary:

King Diamond posted his skype address to his official facebook page yesterday and I just had an hour long chat with him and two other people on Halloween. I can't describe how surreal this experience was.

Some info from the chat:

Mercyful Fate reunion total possibility. He's been in contact with the guys but the time has to "feel right" for a reunion to happen but when I asked him if it was a possibility, he said "Absolutely".

He really wants to do a North American tour next fall with a new album to come out early 2015. That's if everything falls into place right but that's what he said.

That sounds ridiculously cool. King Diamond's manager also left a comment in the Reddit thread noting that all the conversations will be posted online shortly.

It's great to see the King in good spirits and getting back to the grind. I'm dying to see King Diamond already!

Speaking of Mercyful Fate, make sure to check out the Spotlight we did on lead guitarist Michael Denne's record shop in Sweden.

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