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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE's New Album Is Done Being Mastered, Will Be Out In The Fall

Posted by on May 20, 2019 at 2:02 pm

The legend of the Killswitch Engage album lives on! The band recently revealed they'd have the record out sometime this fall, as well as announced a bunch of tour dates with Clutch.

Still, no actual information about the album was yet released. Now according to bassist Mike D'Antonio in an interview with The Edge, he confirms the new record was just recently mastered and will absolutely be out this fall.

"We finished recording, finally, we finished mastering, finally, for the new record, so it's going to be out in the fall. It is the best time of year, you can break out the sweatshirts and long pants."

D'Antonio also recently revealed that the band recorded 17 tracks for the effort, and that there will be some leftovers that they're "going to save for a little bit later."

"It's been recorded. We actually recorded too many songs. It kind of threw Jesse for a bit of a loop. We had, like, 22, 21 songs that we actually completed all the music for except for vocals, and then it was time to sit down and do it, and it, like, fried his brain. It took a little while longer to write the record and finish the record. I think we did, like, maybe 17 tunes with vocals, and there are still a few left over that we're going to save for a little bit later. The record's not going to have that many, for sure. We'll have some extras to play with and figure out something to do. We've narrowed down the track listing; we are mixing now; and all systems [are] go to get it out for 2019."

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