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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Frontman Jesse Leach Says New TIMES OF GRACE Is Coming!

Posted by on January 15, 2016 at 3:50 pm

A few years ago, Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam D. collaborated with then-former vocalist Jesse Leach on a new project called Times of Grace. The sound was being compared to that of older Killswitch Engage. Once Leach rejoined Killswitch full-time, we hadn't heard anything about Times of Grace and assumed the project was kaput.

But turns out that's not the case at all. In a recent interview with Brian Storm over at MetalSucks, Leach revealed he and Adam are working on new Times of Grace music and are hoping to separate the sound from that of Killswitch Engage:

Are there any plans to bring back Times of Grace?
Yeah, definitely. We've got about five songs that Adam wrote, because he's the music guy. I just do the vocals. And he showed them to me, and they're demoed out. It's just a matter of when, you know? They're there. We've already had plenty of conversations over drinks [about] what we're gonna do and how we're gonna expand the sound. And I can tell you that it's not going to be anything remotely like Killswitch. Like how Times of Grace was similar, we're planning on going two totally different routes. One route would be like acoustically and blues. And the other route would be like more songs in the vein of "End of Eternity", "Until the End of Days." Where it's sort of, longer songs, more ethereal, ambient, post-metal kind of stuff.

Like the interludes that are on the album?
Yeah. We wanna really, really separate Times from Killswitch."

Very interesting. You can watch the entire interview here. Obviously, it'll be a while until we hear anything since Killswitch is just starting the promo cycle for their upcoming record, Incarnate. You can hear the first single from that album, "Strength of Mind" right here.

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