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Jack & Coke Officially Renamed "The Lemmy" By Food & Beverage Magazine

Posted by on January 12, 2016 at 12:49 pm

There are a lot of Lemmy petitions going around lately. Last week, we told you of the push to get a heavy metal named after Lemmy, and that wasn't the only one. Fans started petitioning that Lemmy's favorite drink, a Jack & Coke, be renamed in his honor, and it currently has over 40,000 signatures.

Well, clearly Food & Beverage Magazine are listening, because they just officially renamed the industry call-out of Jack Daniels and Coke to the Lemmy, to honor the Motorhead frontman. Blabbermouth reports the owner of the magazine is thrilled, and used the momentous occasion to name-drop his rock star friends:

"We are honored to represent the industry and bring the moniker The Lemmy to every bar in the world!" exclaims Food and Beverage Magazine publisher Michael Politz. "Owning a rock club with Anthrax's Scott Ian and Alice In Chains' Jerry Cantrell gave me the chance to meet Lemmy and experience his legend myself."

The official mix contains 2 ounces of Jack, 10 ounces of Coke and then… bitters?! You're supposed to shake it with ice and strain it into a whiskey glass and then they recommend a twist of lemon peel as a garnish.


I wonder how many times Lemmy got a garnish of lemon with his Jack and Coke.

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