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IRON MAIDEN video game coming soon?

Posted on October 15, 2007

First, Guitar Hero, now this? A Norwegian IRON MAIDEN fan site is reporting that game developed Hybris has been awarded a grant from the Norwegian Film Fund to make a video game based on the band's mascot Eddie and the band's music.  A grant for a video game? Those whacky Norwegians.

According to the site:

The dramatic setting for this new game is a mix of the Northern mythology gods (Odin, Thor and the others) and MAIDEN's universe. Play With Madness contains a fantastic gallery of characters. The idea is that the Northern Gods reach out to Eddie and the band when Ragnarok (the end of the world) approaches. The action kicks off with Eddie being given an assignment from Odin, and starts his world tour which brings him to a bloody battle between Norwegian Vikings and Japanese Samurai, among other things. The player will be thrown into Ragnarok with the force of heavy metal!

Sounds like something that Maiden fans and geeks everywhere can get behind. Who are we kidding? Maiden fans are the geeks. Burrrn.

[MaidenNorway.com via Blabbermouth]

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