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BLACK FRIDAY: INCULTER Uses Lethal Black Thrash to Burst "Through Relic Gates"

Posted by on March 22, 2019 at 1:28 pm

Artwork by: Jaci Raia

Getting the proverbial "thumbs-up" from Fenriz has got to turn some heads, right? The Darkthrone man picked Norway's Inculter as a "Band of the Week" during their early years as a black thrash project. Since those days, the band has grown into a refined and polished force—similar to bands like Aura Noir. Black thrash is an exciting style when it's done right, and thankfully this Norwegian quartet fits that bill. They're on the eve of their newest album, Fatal Visions. It's another step in the band's progression. As evidence, look no further than the album's finale, "Through Relic Gates."

Photo by Christian Misje

Though the entirety of this record is a blistering good time, the finale, in particular, is the razor-edged bow to top it off. The nearly five and a half minute track takes advantage of a mid-tempo pace throughout the opening third to build tension. It erupts into spitting vocals and fiery guitar licks that crescendo into blazing solos.

Inculter's been a budding talent in Norway over the last handful of years, this newest album—especially with songs like this—can make these Fusa natives a mainstay like some of the blackened thrash veterans before them. Listen to an exclusive stream of Inculter's newest track now. Fatal Visions arrives April 12 through Edged Circle Productions.

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