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From Metallica to Bitcoin: Metal's Rocking the Digital World

Posted by on October 8, 2018 at 9:00 am

“Don’t be Disturbed; the Megadeth is not upon us. We simply need to embrace the Lamb of God!”

We’re all aware of the numerous threats that digital technology and advancements pose to the music industry. It isn’t news that the music industry has found strife, for example, illegal online piracy and streaming. It is a battle that has been lost, fought and then won, yet it has still been continuously complained about for years. Afterall, it was Metallica back in 2000 who filed a lawsuit against Napster for their disastrous effects on privacy, consequently leading to it shutting down.

Just when many people were beginning to doubt the future of metal and rock music in general, upcoming talent have and still are transforming the disadvantages of digital technology to be beneficial. It is up to us to write our future, adapting to the times is part of evolution. Metal music cannot and won’t be an example of The Buffalo Theory, where the weakest drop first, as seen with the effects of online shopping.

Bands and Crowdfunding

Digital marketing is providing bands with the opportunity of being in direct contact with their fans. No, were not talking simply social media, it’s more than that. Crowdfunding! Striving metal bands are using their digital reach to receive support from their fans through crowdfunding campaigns to fund their world tours. Bands thrive on emotional stimulation, but most of all, they depend on their fans. The music industry is extremely difficult and competitive and crowdfunding has helped up-and-coming bands find a solution to beat an industry that doesn’t financially support its artists.

The Cryptocurrency Era

Finance Currency Bitcoin Crypto Cryptocurrency

On top of that, Metal and Cryptocurrencies have been interestingly headbanging it out together around the world. Check out these three completely crazy facts from metal heads in three different corners of the globe:

  1. It’s obvious, Rock Stars like to invest. UK based Peter Gabriel, former lead singer of Genesis, recently pledged his allegiance to a Blockchain Start-up called Provenance. The aim of Provenance is to improve the lives of people producing products for consumers, by gaining consumers’ trust.
  2. Let’s head all the way over to Iceland. Up there is a website development firm that have created a replica of the Bitcoin volatility “Death Metal Alert” that was featured in Season Five of Silicon Valley. This alert rocks-out whenever Bitcoin’s value decides to crash into the mosh pit.
  3. Over to New Zealand, where a cryptocurrency called “Metal Music Coin” was launched by the longest running online metal site called “Death Metal Underground”. It supports the underground metal scene to assist upcoming bands with album releases, concerts and merchandise. Nowadays, cryptocurrency is transforming many online industries, where even some casinos accept bitcoin, because embracing is the only way forward. The more Metal Music Coin that is accepted online, the more funding there is available to the Underground Metal Scene. Who knows? Hopefully, the online Metal Casino will start accepting Metal Music Coin soon too.

As the only classic metal icon to be actively embracing digital technology; Metallica’s sure doing a fine job at it. Recently in September this year, Metallica hit the stage and performed in front of 170,000 people at Dreamforce, in San Francisco. Dreamforce is the annual mega conference of the massive cloud-based software called Salesforce. In expansion of their digital outreach, Metallica utilise Salesforce's Marketing and Commerce clouds to interact with their fans.

On stage at Dreamforce, Lars Ulrich – Drummer of Metallica, said some very important words of wisdom. "The music business is in constant transition and you have to be on your toes like in the tech world." Salesforce have also stated that the entertainment industry is slowly utilising digital tools. Whether it is reinforcing a legacy like Metallica’s or crowdfunding a world tour for a new band, the benefits are available for everyone reap.

Metal is not dead; rocking the world is what we do best.

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