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Former SLIPKNOT Member Says He Has No Interest In Rejoining The Band

Posted by on March 24, 2019 at 12:46 pm

As the wild story of Chris Fehn suing Slipknot is still ongoing, there was one bit of interesting news that came out of all the drama.

Last week, a fan messaged frontman Corey Taylor noting that "if Chris is out the band then can [Anders Colsefni] come back as percussion??” Taylor responded “Fuck I would LOVE that,” before he ended up deleting the tweet.

Anders was the original vocalist of Slipknot, before being replaced by Taylor. Anders performed on the band's infamous demo, Mate.Feed.Kill.Repeat. After hearing of the invite last week, Anders finally took to his social media this weekend to thank the band for the invite but turn down the offer. Ultimately, Anders has gotten a good job and doesn't want to risk losing what he's built up. Here is what Anders had to say:

“Hello fellow Earthlings! I’m going to take away the uncomfortable conversations that Slipknot might have regarding myself and reported band vacancy by saying: I will NOT be rejoining Slipknot.

It is certainly not for any animosity I have-I simply don’t know those guys anymore. I generally give those I don’t know the benefit of the doubt. I’ve spent the last 27 years (through each and every band) working concrete construction to support my family but still allow time for my “Real Job” lol.

After many years of failed bands, failed marriages, and plenty of others, I’ve settled into an occupation that I can retire from. I’m gonna need the bennies-my body is going to shit! Lol!

As much as I had dreamed of rejoining my creation (shut up- I know it’s a different band now!) it is not enough of a dream anymore to risk being homeless when the tour is over! That being said, Painface is still working behind the scenes. Look for us sometime this year!”

Besides some kidding around, it seems there is no bad blood on any side between Slipknot and Anders and it's totally understandable why he wouldn't be up for the task.

If you've never heard Painface, here is a music video the band released:

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