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Former GHOST Members To Appeal Lawsuit Dismissal Against Tobias Forge

Posted by on October 19, 2018 at 2:27 pm

Four former members of Ghost – Simon Söderberg, Mauro Rubino, Henrik Palm and Martin Hjertstedt – saw the lawsuit they filed against frontman Tobias Forge dismissed. The band claimed that Forge  had been collecting all the royalties and revenue from the band's merchandise and touring but never provided other band members with any financial statements.

Adding insult to their alleged injury, the ruling also required them to cover Forge's legal fees totaling $146,000. The members themselves have reportedly spent 2.9 Swedish Kronor (around $320,000 USD) on legal fees. But they are not done fighting yet.

Swedish publication SVT has reported they will be appealing the ruling. The band or their lawyer did not have further comment on the matter, and it's not clear why they feel an appeal would be successful, but this trial will continue for the time being.

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