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EYEHATEGOD Frontman Comments on Being Featured on HBO's Treme

Posted by on March 2, 2012 at 3:30 pm

A few weeks back we told you that the super awesome Eyehategod would be appearing on a future episode of HBO's Treme, which is a fictional show focusing on a post-Hurricane Katrina life. The shoot went down and this is what Williams had to say about the whole experience:

Vocalist Mike IX Williams commented: "Getting to do the “Treme” shoot was tremendously painless and great, great fun. Everyone we dealt with was as easy going and nice as could be. Not the horrid Hollywood atmosphere I was expecting! Being asked to do it in the first place was cool as hell and something they've teased us with for a while, so when they contacted us finally we were majorly prepared and ready to be a part of it, in any way we could.” Mike went to school years ago with the man that the character Davis McAlary is based on. “I went to high school with Steve Zann's character (DJ) Davis Rogan and I remember Davis being a bit.. ummm… of a nerd back then? Sorry Davis. Me, being criminal minded and a little useless (nerdy) Punk Rock kid, actually set Davis' locker on fire when I skipped out once, while everyone else was in classes at McMain Magnet School in the early 80's… Not something I'm proud of, but it's definitely a piece of New Orleans music past history I suppose!!! I'm totally interested to see where this season of “Treme” evolves to and I'm also looking to see EyeHateGod and more local talent on upcoming episodes."

I think it's really great that EHG got a chance to be showcased on a show as awesome as Treme. Maybe it'll expose the band to a few new eyeballs.

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