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SIKTH Guitarist Plans On Melting Your Face All Over Again

Posted on November 29, 2010

by: Frank Godla

As most of you know Sikth is a personal favorite here at Metal Injection, between their insane brand of technical weaving and progressive know-how, combined with groove and melody that goes unmatched, I've come to the conclusion a while ago that Sikth may have been one of the greatest metal bands of the last decade. Maybe they weren't the first metal band of their kind, but more importantly they raised the bar of musicianship by implementing actual music theory in a genre where playing the poly-rhythmic guessing game is good enough for most listeners. Enough about yesterday though….

Meet Aliases, new brain child of ex-Sikth guitarist/songwriter/madman Graham Pinney aka "Pin", who wasted no time moving on after the break up of his former band. Needless to say, Aliases pretty much follows the spirit of Pin's legacy and continues to redefine the genre's boundaries with an all new cast of music genius' at his disposal.

Taking nearly 3 years to scan the world for worthy band mates, Aliases is still in it's early stages. With only one single released to date (see below), they have just announced a signing with Basick Records who plans on releasing a yet untitled six track EP in 2011. FUCK YES!!

Nathan Phillips of Basick Records comments on the signing

“Working with bands that push the boundaries to create a new definition for Metal, is what Basick strives for, so when I heard that Pin was cooking up a new project after the demise of SikTh, my ears naturally pricked up.

After hearing all the demos and then subsequently having my face ripped off by ALIASES’ live show at Euroblast in Germany, I just knew that we had to sign them. Not only has Pin managed to improve upon the insanity element of his former output, he’s also managed to put together a band of outstanding musicians that totally complement this interesting and complex music. So, after a few meetings and phone calls, we finally convened at the first ALIASES show in the UK and consecrated the deal over a healthy amount of Jägermeister.

I’m totally stoked to have the opportunity to work with a band who are creating music for all the right reasons and I can’t wait to release their debut EP and Album!”

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